Praise Function Obon Offering

by TA2MI, shinekosei, dissolvingPath

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A release combining the forces that make up Praise Function Recordings, two tracks made out of the same source material taken from unused footage for the film KanZeOn - the vocal and drum samples demonstrate the four sounds used by the Kotsuzumi drum within the Ogura school of Noh theatre, as performed by the school's master, Ogura-sensei.

Praise Function Recordings has been called forth by friendship from somewhere between England and Japan. Tatsumi Akinobu and Yuasa Koichi have been friends since studying at High School together in Saga, on the southern island of Kyushu in Japan. Neil Cantwell and Yuasa Koichi became friends after meeting not too far away in Fukuoka in 2002. A few years later, all 3 were making music together at Tatsumi’s Shosanji Temple down in the countryside outside of Kumamoto. Now in 2014, following news of Tatsumi’s serious illness, Praise Function Recordings has been formed to help release his music, alongside other recordings related to this friendship. Praise Function is an impressionistic English translation of the name of Tatsumi’s Temple, Shosanji. For more information visit


released August 15, 2014



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Praise Function Recordings Brighton, UK

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